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The answer you are looking for is simple ...

You probably found this website because you don't want to just sit and wait while you slowly crawl back to health. Your doctor probably told you there is nothing much that can be done to speed your recovery. You must have thought, there must be something that can be done!

Well, kudos to you for taking a minute to think that there might be an answer out there - AND THERE IS! Believe it or not, the answer has been known for decades. There have been several scientific studies done on the cure over the years, each of which have all come up with the same results - IT WORKS!

Let's first go over some basics .

For those who don't know, mono is short for infectious mononucleosis. Mono is also commonly referred to as the kissing disease, Pfeiffer's disease, or glandular fever and is caused by a virus called the Epstein-Barr Virus . Its most common symptoms are fever, tender and enlarged lymph nodes, sore throat, muscle weakness and mental fatigue. In some cases symptoms are mild but in others symptoms are dreadful.

So why would something that works to treat mono not be widely available to humankind to put an end to this unwelcome illness once and for all? Because Pharmaceutical companies can't profit from it therefore not much money or attention has been put toward the cure and having any large-scale studies completed or existing studies published. Pharmaceutical companies can't profit because the cure is very inexpensive- it can be implemented with supplies from your local health food store.

In the 1960's and 1970's extensive research was conducted on the efficacy of the treatment outlined in CURE MONO eBook. The results achieved with treating mono and the associated Epstein-Barr Virus were astonishing. Since then, doctors and academics alike have attempted to make public the findings and fund large scale clinical trials of the mono treatment, but their crusade has been unsuccessful. Which is why the cure has remained in the shadows for so long - UNTIL NOW! I personally have used the mono cure to get rid of my mono overnight!

So let me get down to it .

The cure is based on large scale consumption of one our bodies most essential nutrients - vitamin C. Now, I'm sure you have heard that vitamin C is somewhat helpful getting over the common cold. But what you haven't heard is that consuming vitamin C in sufficiently large doses at specific intervals across the day can almost immediately stop mono and its symptoms in their tracks!?

Let me tell you a few other things you may not know about vitamin C and mono .

Did you know that when inflicted with mono , the body can absorb 10 or more times the amount of vitamin C it normally can!?

Did you know that humans at one time were able to synthesize vitamin C within our own bodies, but due to a genetic mutation we are one of only a few plant and animal species on earth that cannot synthesize vitamin C ?

Did you know that it is impossible to take too much vitamin C, and your body simply won't absorb any excess vitamin C that it is given.

I came across the cure for mono while I was a college student and I was unfortunate enough to contract the virus during my final exams. At my very worst, I was sleeping 20 hours a day and would eat my meals out of baby food jars! It was a miserable experience to say the least. Instead of listening to the doctors orders to sit and wait for my body to make its slow grueling recovery, I started doing research . Lots of it. I came across a little known study that gave me hope. It was the start of a 6 year journey that included me curing my own mono overnight to administering and perfecting the cure through hundreds of success stories.

And now I am bringing the cure to you. Why? ... because my experience with mono was so horrible that I would never wish it on another living soul. And once I figured out the cure, I felt it was my duty to bring it to the rest of the world.

So I created the CURE MONO eBook. It is written to be easily understood and quickly digested. It's packed with facts and figures you will want to know about vitamin C and the cure. It also walks you step-by-step through the mono treatment process from determining the correct type of vitamin C for you, to when, how much, and how you should take the supplement. The eBook also includes a set of charts for you to track your recovery and treatment.

I could easily charge 30, 40, or even 50 dollars for this information. But I'm not. My mission is to spread the word of the cure and help as many people as I can , therefore I have made it as inexpensive as I possibly could. The cost is just enough to cover the expensive advertising costs for this website.

Oh, I almost forgot ... I am confident you won't need to use it, but for your peace of mind, we have a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee on our eBook.

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