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"i am sooooooo greatful for your e-book!!!!!! It worked fast, and it was totally effective"

"I am a single mom Lori B. my son Shane had all the symtoms of Mono, we went to the Dr. as we thought it was strepp throat, when the results came back, they just said rest for about six weeks no sharing drinks with anyone and no football practice. I went on-line to learn more about the disease and was blessed to find your website, read the into, ordered the book and went out and got the supplies you suggested in your cure, within 24 hours my son showed signs of incredible improvement and within days was back to work and football. We were still cautious with lots of rest and staying up on the intake of victamin C but it was so awesome, I am honored to share our story."

Thank You,
Healthy in Ventura Ca.

"I started feeling less tired by the second day.  After two weeks when I started reducing the amount of vitamin C I was taking, I didn’t feel very good but that was a short period of time.  I still take a teaspoon of vitamin C powder per day.  I started an exercise program.  In the past when I would exercise, it would exhaust me.  It has been about two months since I followed your eBook and I have none of the mono symptoms that had bothered me for months.  I feel better than I have felt in years"

"My son was diagnosed with mono four days before he was supposed to leave with his band on tour. He had already been misdiagnosed with strep the week before and was very, very, sick by the time they tested for Epstein Barr. The doctor told him there was nothing they could do, and he needed to go home and go to bed for 2 months. Everyone was devastated. If he couldn't go the whole tour was in jeopardy, you just can't find a bass player who knows all your songs and can leave for a month at the drop of a hat. I found MonoCure online and told him this would work in 24 to 48 hours. The band had postponed their departure by one day which gave him 48 hours to get better. Sure enough, on the day they were to leave he emerged from his room after following the instructions to a "t", and was symptom free. They left that afternoon and other than the uncomfortable healing from the sore throat had no more problems. They played the historic Whiskey-a-go-go in Hollywood two weeks later and like MonoCure, they rocked the house. Thanks for a great product. Credit MonoCure for saving the tour and giving the boys the biggest night of their young careers."

Derek B., Wichita, KS

"I have been suffering symptoms since Dec 2007 and each time the doctor would treat for bacteria or strep. It never went away and lingered forever off and on. When my doctor finally did a blood test for mono and it came back positive my mom, desparate , went on the internet and found this website. In 2 days I was feeling a whole lot better. I could go to school. I started with the MonoCure a month ago and have not had a relapse yet!! Thanks for your website."

Alex S. - Decatur, Al